“Who am I?“

«Who are YOU?», the Caterpillar asked Alice, and maybe that’s what you’d like to ask me, too.

I’m a curious Alice who has always had her nose in the past, for passion first, as a profession later.

Io a Parigi
photo © Candy Szengel – make up by Olga Bordoni

Everyone knows that to learn history you have to do it the good ol’ fashioned way, toiling and sweating, losing eyesight bending over books. My goal with this blog is not to teach anything, just to make people love history, freeing it from the heavy, dusty shroud it always seems to don when it’s presented to us.

I have been always in love with Paris, and I wanted to tell about her as I see her, choosing from the shadows of the past that make her what she is, that makes her my personal Wonderland.


A short peek at my story:

Alice is born in Bologna on July 27th, 1984.

She obtains a degree in Restoration and Conservation of Structures of Architectural Heritage, and then she decides to become a tour guide to nurture and share her love for the past.

Her first mentor, her mother, directly passes to her the passion for the thousand stories of Paris, an interest she got from her own mother. This really all-feminine family tradition convinces her to move to the Ville Lumière in 2016, to deepen her knowledge of her secrets and collect them in a personal blog: parigimeravigliosa.it.

You can often find her with her nose in the books, petting a cat, exploring ancient manors, palaces, nooks and small shops. Whatever the context, she’s always in search of wonders, to always be true to the call encased in her own name.


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